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Throughout her post-secondary education, she had the privilege of going to school away from home and being a varsity student-athlete. She started her post-secondary journey on the East Coast of Canada in Prince Edward Island attending Holland College. A couple of years later, she completed her post-secondary journey at the University of Nipissing and decided to hang up her jersey after her career-ending ACL injury. 

Prior to starting HOOPQUEENS, Nakissa knew there was a niche waiting to be served. There were no spaces specifically for pro and varsity athletes to train and compete, so she created it. Being a former varsity athlete, she understands the struggles of female athletes and knows what they need to be successful in their academic and athletic careers. ​


​Today, Nakissa is focused on using the game of basketball to change the narrative of women in sport. Being a Black woman navigating through race and gender inequities isn't always easy but Nakissa is on a mission to empower and encourage women to be confident when creating their own lane.

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